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Rainmaking Culture Book

This document is part manifesto and part employee handbook

Culture Book

This document is part manifesto and part employee handbook 1.1

Our Story

We are entrepreneurs first.

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Rainmaking is born in Financial crisis and panic First substantial exit. Phew. Word of the accelerator A couple of exits. HQ Copenhagen in search for rules. Founders take long model reaches Europe. moves into a fancy office better ways to create new baths and stop reading Launch of London office Rainmaking establishes in Copenhagen. Everyone companies. newspapers. Cut back and Rainmaking’s first 3 Startupbootcampin enjoys the new coffee and focus on a few UK-based businesses. Copenhagen and 10 machine. Big investment from startups that have startups from across the business angels makes it traction. globe move in. Startupbootcamp all possible. expands across Europe.

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 A handful of Fortune 500 Rainmaking Loft opens in Fast growth in Rainmaking Loft gets its Startupbootcampis truly companies ask for help London. Worries about Startupbootcampand biggest location yet in global with 15 programs with their innovation. huge rent, but alas, within Rainmaking Innovation. New Copenhagen, a launchpadfor internationally. Rainmaking Innovation is two months a few hundred clients include: Lloyds Bank, 350 entrepreneurs. launched. First client: visionary entrepreneurs MasterCard, Daimler Mercedes, Rainmaking Loft operates 5 BP/Castrol. move in. Tesco and Siemens. Startupbootcampexpands to spaces with a total of 1,300 the US and Asia with entrepreneurs. Rainmaking Loft opens in programs in Singapore, Berlin. Miami and New York. Rainmaking Innovation works in 30 countries, partnering Homegrown startup Rainmaking Studio in London with 60 Fortune 500 becomes the first Rainmaking and Copenhagen is born. companies. company to reach 10m GBP in First clients: Jaguar Land annual revenue. Rover and Danske Bank.

Rainmaking today

NEW YORK MIAMI MEXICO CITY Rainmaking has 11 offices on 3 continents and a global team of 400+ entrepreneurs, strategists, product experts, developers, designers and investors.


Global network We run startups and projects in over 40 countries. Every year we facilitate 1,250+ startup events with 100,000+ participants across the world. Our global network provides us with first-hand access to innovative startups and early-stage companies in every major startup ecosystem worldwide.

Rainmaking consists of four pillars Rainmaking Rainmaking Startupbootcamp Rainmaking Ventures Loft Innovation

In Rainmaking Ventures we invent and build startups with the world’s most influential companies. We facilitate a process to jointly and rapidly build new digital ventures. We share risk and invest alongside our corporate partners via a range of collaborative options.

We also build home grown companies - based on our own ideas To date we have founded 25 companies based on own ideas and seed funded with our own money. Followed up with +30m EUR from external investors. 1/3 have been sold, 1/3 didn’t work out and 1/3 are still going strong.

We are the home for 1,600 entrepreneurs at Rainmaking Loft We strive to provide the workspaces of tomorrow to entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. Our spaces combine the comfort of home with the community of a campus and the technology of the future. London(opened in 2013) Berlin (opened in 2014) Copenhagen(opened in 2015) The Camp, DK (opened in 2016) CphFintech Lab, DK (opened in 2016)

Startupbootcamp–the world’s largest industry-focused accelerator network Startupbootcampis recognized as one of the top 5 accelerators in the world with 15 programs across 10 countries from China to the US. 507 78% €300m €1b+ Companies Active or Acquired Total Funding Market Cap

With Rainmaking Innovation we partner with Fortune 500 companies to deliver positive impact through entrepreneurship Our services include: § We train, upskill and facilitate culture change § We connect corporates with startups § We develop and grow startup ecosystems § We build digital products ‘startup style’

Meet the family

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Purpose & Ambition

OUR PURPOSE We deliver positive impact through entrepreneurship.

OUR AMBITION Rainmaking Ventures Rainmaking Innovation Together with great entrepreneurs we We help visionary companies reimagine turn ideas into successful companies. themselves, think and act like a startup. Rainmaking Loft Startupbootcamp We strive to provide the workspaces of We want to create the worlds best tomorrow to entrepreneurs and industry-focused innovation engine by corporate innovators. bringing startups and corporates together. RainmakingStudio Combining the best of big and small to cofound the most impactful startups of tomorrow.

Values & Culture

VALUES & CULTURE At Rainmaking we particularly value the following behaviors: Be entrepreneurial Be kind Be impactful It's not what we say, it's what we do. We treat people with respect and The 80%-20% rule is almost Ideas are cheap. Make a prototype, integrity. We always approach things universal. Focus on solving the draw a wireframe, call up five in a positive and optimistic way. most important problems. It potential customers. We will not participate in or be sounds simple, but most Focus on actions instead of words. distracted by gossip or negativity. companies do this poorly and waste a lot of time.

VALUES & CULTURE Principles. Not rules. Principles In Rainmaking we believe in principles rather than rules. Ask less for permission. Seek forgiveness if you really can’t get around it. We are value driven - not operated by a detailed manual. In an environment based on trust and the good in people. We would not have it any other way.

VALUES & CULTURE Listen first. Then listen more Listen first We seek first to understand, then to be understood. Focus on listening rather than responding. Take the approach that everything is a hypothesis and that you could be wrong. Be suggestive rather than instructive, replacing phrases such as ‘certainly’ and ‘undoubtedly’ with ‘perhaps’ and ‘I think’. Be open. That’s how we all get along and learn from each other.

VALUES & CULTURE Create fun Create fun We take our work seriously but not ourselves. We can laugh at each other and poke fun, but we are always inclusive and kind. We celebrate one another and our achievements. We bring fun to our community and partners in unique, unexpected ways. If we’re not having fun, we’re doing it wrong.

VALUES & CULTURE Get a life. Be a whole person Get a life Eat lunch together. Get to know the people you work with beyond the projects you share. Carve out time for your kids, friends and personal cider projects. We want you to be a happy and a whole person. There is not a private life and a professional life. There is just life, and we want Rainmaking to be popular with your spouse too.

VALUES & CULTURE Our ethical codex is simple. Ethical Codex We do the right thing We have the courage to do what's right. Especially when the right thing is the hardest path to take. We face the truth. And we say no, when things are off the mark. For us, there is no other way. We have to live with the consequences of our choices and it is our choices that show who we really are. Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

VALUES & CULTURE We use our entrepreneurial Bigger impact skills to make a bigger impact We created BetterNow.orgas a crowdfunding platform that has raised +3m GBP for 150 charities in 8 countries We run a village school in the southern part of India, fully sponsored by our portfolio company We have trained hundreds of 8-12-year-olds in entrepreneurship via Rainmaking Kids We mentor university students in entrepreneurship

How we work

HOW WE WORK You know how you perform best. Work from home - or somewhere else - when you feel like it. We trust you to organise your day without any external We like an micro-management. entrepreneurial If you want to go to the gym in the middle of the environment day, please do. We value people who are focused on making things happen. We do not believe in face time for its own sake.

HOW WE WORK We are very ambitious and want to create an exceptional working environment. We aim for the stars, when it comes to the value we We are serious about bring to customers and the quality we deliver. delivering quality We are not afraid of making hard decisions. We are not the place for free riders who cannot navigate in an environment, where personal freedom is a virtue.

HOW WE WORK You can always ask anyone in the company for their input. This includes our Partners. In fact we all have a responsibility to speak up and We communicate not just whisper in a corner. Our organizational structure is flat. The person with openly and directly the best idea - and the ability to argue for it - will always win. No matter if he or she is a new hire or a founder. We are still a young company and we acknowledge that we haven’t nailed everything yet. So let us know when we fail. We will never hold it against you.

HOW WE WORK Moving fast enables us to do more things and learn faster. Move fast and We’re less afraid of making mistakes than we are of focus on impact losing opportunities by moving too slowly. To have the biggest impact, we need to focus on solving the most important problems and create leverage in everything we do.

HOW WE WORK Rainmaking is a busy place, and you’ll often be on your own to figure things out. Ask for help, but don’t rely on others to hold your hand. Nobody’s gonna You might be tempted to say “It would be nice if someone made a [template, team dinner, etc.].” hold your hand At Rainmaking you are that someone. If you want to update, change, or fix something, go for it. Every awesome thing you see is like that because someone like you decided to do it.

HOW WE WORK Always start by asking: who has done this before, or Great artists steal who can help me achieve this task better and faster? Often somebody in Rainmaking will have done a similar project or task before, so let’s build on top of what has already been made.

HOW WE WORK In every new company, project and offering we always seek to go beyond what is expected and ’Der wow faktor’ promised. Ask yourself (with a German accent): What is “der wow faktor”?

HOW WE WORK We inspire and share what we know through multiple channels: § Rainmaking Summits Thought leadership § CEO lunches § Industry roundtables has always been a § Rainmaking Sessions § Rainmaking Radio part of our DNA In addition we have sold more than 100k books across 30+ countries with translations in 17 languages. Accolades include “Management Book of the Year” award by the British Library, Chartered Management Institute and Henley Business School

HOW WE WORK Meetings can be great. And sometimes solutions to difficult problems come out of a productive meeting. But way too often meetings take too much time for too many people. We therefore encourage people to avoid traditional Avoid meetings, meetings and instead meet 1-on-1 standing up or if you can walking-and-talking. If a meeting is necessary keep it below 30 minutes and invite the most crucial people only. And do bring clear recommendations for decisions instead of using the meeting as a process to get to a recommendation. Time is precious. Make it count.

HOW WE WORK We are not cheap, when it comes to operating our company. But we are not extravagant either. We believe that all our colleagues know when it Spend money as if it makes sense to hustle with what you got, and when was your own you should invest in a top-notch solution. In general we encourage everybody to spend money as if it was their own. And to ask a colleague if in doubt.

People & Development

PEOPLE & DEVELOPMENT Hiring is the single most important thing we do. Everyone should invest time in hiring and on- Hiring boarding. We never outsource the task to recruiters. Although skills and experience are important, we look for a match in values first. We hire people we want to work with.

PEOPLE & DEVELOPMENT Are smart and make things happen. Suggest solutions rather than point out problems. Are kind and contribute to creating a good We love to work with atmosphere in our work space. people who... Go the extra mile to add value to our customers. Regardless of their seniority are not afraid of getting their nails dirty. Have a life outside work.

PEOPLE & DEVELOPMENT Are high performers but not team players. Stay late in the office, just for the sake of face time. We are not impressed Talk but do not listen. by people who… Use politics to get ahead. Feel too important and busy to help colleagues. Act too corporate to fit into our entrepreneurial environment.

PEOPLE & DEVELOPMENT We run projects and programs, and these tend to die in organizational charts. A project organisation is what we run instead. This Hierarchy and can be a bit confusing at times, but believe us: the organizational charts alternative is no good. We love setting the vision, providing leadership, mentorship, and guidance. And we aim to hire people who know what needs to be done without looking over their shoulder.

PEOPLE & DEVELOPMENT In Rainmaking your title is not what sets you apart. We are therefore happy to give you any title you can Titles identify with, as long as it makes sense. As a guiding principle we encourage titles that actually explain what work you do. With us there is no link between titles and salary levels.

PEOPLE & DEVELOPMENT At Rainmaking your salary will not be based on your previous career. You will, however, be rewarded on the quest you accomplish with us. When you are hired, we agree on a salary level that feels fair. You need to think that this level is fair for Salaries more than 6 months. Because we are not ones to increase this level all the time. If we do great things together, we will always make you feel appreciated. Also in a monetary way. But it will be through bonuses rather than an ever increasing salary level.

PEOPLE & DEVELOPMENT We believe that people mostly feel a belonging to the team they are sitting physically with on a daily basis. We also believe that the people on the ground are Your local office as the ones best suited at driving sales and delivery. anchor point We therefore use our geographies as our main organisational anchor points. Each geography has direct access to a Partner who has the responsibility of making that geography a success and helping all colleagues grow and flourish.

PEOPLE & DEVELOPMENT We do not think it makes sense to just receive feedback once a year. Instead we believe in a continuous dialogue between you and your closest manager. Feedback You should expect to engage in feedback sessions regularly – and probably on a bimonthly basis. And if an annual structured feedback session is important to you, then we will make that happen too.

PEOPLE & DEVELOPMENT We encourage people to move around within the company. We strongly appreciated when Megan moved from New York to Chengdu to launch the new Startupbootcampprogram. Move around Just like we loved to see how Jarl stepped from one of our own ventures into Rainmaking Studio. Mobility is a perfect driver for sharing knowledge across the company. And it makes our time spent at Rainmaking a learning process for all of us.

Let’s create the future together.